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Calgary Lawyer directory

Balfour Der and Lisa Burgis are one of Calgary’s most dynamic and sought after criminal defence lawyer teams. Their experience is unique as they know criminal law from both sides – defence and prosecution. As former crown prosecutors, Balfour and Lisa have 45 years of combined experience at all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada. This experience and their track record of defending thousands of cases, including many high profiles clients, have earned them reputations as highly-respected criminal defence lawyers in Calgary and throughout western Canada.

Whether they work together on a case, or independently, Balfour and Lisa will provide you with the best possible defence regardless of the seriousness of the charge or the circumstances of the client.

Their clients are people, not cases. They strive to humanize the legal system and work tirelessly to represent their client’s interests without exception.

Balfour and Lisa have defended professional and amateur athletes, police officers, firefighters, lawyers, politicians and many others whose livelihood and reputations depended on the positive outcome of the case. Some of the most notable cases involve:

  • Canadian Forces Soldier charged with manslaughter in Afghan training accident (2013)
  • Cement truck driver charged with five counts of manslaughter in traffic accident (2009)
  • Commercial pilot charged with criminal negligence after crash landing a plane on a Winnipeg street (2008)
  • Columbine copy cat shooting in Taber high school (1999)
  • Father shoots drug dealer who has his daughter hooked on drugs (2010)
  • Professional wrestler charged with drug possession (2000)
  • Funeral home charged with fraud and other professional violations (2012)

Let Balfour and Lisa put their experience and knowledge to work to help you achieve the best possible results of your case.

Calgary Lawyer directory